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Boat prep, painting and peach blossom

After painstaking work on our engine, and gymnastics of hoisting and positioning the engine back in the boat, my other half has the engine running again on board. It will next run (fingers crossed) when we are back in the water again.

I have spent the last month sanding, epoxy filling, sanding again, priming and now painting the hull top-sides..a paint of a unique colour, which I mixed myself. "Ron Glas" looks very smart. A lot still to do before ready to launch.

The Spring flowers here are absolutely lovely - Mimosa out in yellow, Mallows, Poppies, Marigolds, Roses, wild Sweet Peas, Milk Thistles, Tamarisks, Daisies, Asphodels, Bermudan Buttercups and Crown Daisies - and this is after all the Apricot, Peach and Cherry blossom.

The orange and lemon blossom is intoxicating at the moment with the fruit still on the trees. The new figs are starting to grow fast. The Owls are hooting furiously at night and I saw a Jay today.

I've now finished "Going to Church" in Vlikho (30x40cm) using clingfilm on paint for the background, then printing and acrylic. You can find this on the 'Paintings for sale' page.

I'm in the middle of painting "Proposal in Venice" using clingfilm on paint background, sculpting and acrylic paint so far. Also I have 3 paintings of our local boatyard that I hope to finish soon.

We had our own personal spectacular Red Arrows display this afternoon, right over the boatyard.

We are hoping to have all the boat work done by the middle of May.

Antifouling, fixing steering lines, attaching new halyard[which raises the sail] for the mainsail, varnish and paint on the fwd coachroof. Then we are afloat again after the hardest Winter's work. We are both exhausted but looking forward to sailing away to paint new places who knows where...

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