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About me.

Want to know more about me? Read my friend Camilla's interview.

How long have you been exhibiting your paintings?


I started exhibiting my work at the age of 19 in Kent, then London,

Wales  (Cardigan, Milford Haven, Carmarthen, and Tenby), Northern

Ireland, Cartagena in southern Spain, Sicily, and most recently,

Lefkas in Greece.  



How do you start a painting?


I have to be inspired by an idea. Then I’ll usually refer to my

illustrated journals which I have been keeping for the last decade

since leaving Wales to go sailing. These journals are illustrated

diaries of journeys, incidents, , places, people and views I have

observed as we travel and cruise the various coastlines  on our

old wooden boat, "Ron Glas". I take reference photos to capture specific details

as well, but find most inspiration and energy comes from my own immediate drawings

and paintings. I also use the journals for my experiments in mixed media and printing techniques,

which I am constantly working on.


From this base I then use a style which I feel is most appropriate for the subject, and start building the composition using a range of media techniques.



What inspires you most as an artist?


I derive inspiration from many subjects as we move around.Texture and pattern in plants, trees, old buildings, balconies, windows and pavements, building context of the people in their surroundings. It’s about creating a snapshot of their culture, of interacting with others around them. Often there is humour intertwined in a narrative, in a story – it’s an important part of it.



Your studio is on-board your boat. What's the biggest difference compared to having a "normal" land-based studio?


It moves. One major difference is that I can paint my view from the boat. Unlike most studios, which are static, mine is always moving, providing new sources of inspiration. The views are never the same and the lighting is constantly changing. My studio is in the aft cabin of our boat and has good natural light, which means I can work even in gloomy conditions. We also have electric light on-board, produced by our solar panels and windmill. It is much smaller than most studios, but I do have lots of shelves and drawers. I also have good standing headroom, so I can work at my desk or the easel.



You like mixing techniques. Have you always worked like that, or is it an effect of your travelling lifestyle?


I find mixing techniques very exciting, and I am always playing with new ideas to express the feeling I'm after. This has become more diverse over time.. I don't rest with a particular style of painting which "works", and proves successful in one painting. Some artists can be tempted to do this. I like to be inspired and excited by my subject matter, and I regularly   "step off the precipice" into unknown waters – pun intended. For me, painting is a constant search to express ideas and atmospheres.



Are there areas you would like to explore further in your work?


I have exhibitions now wherever we are, selling work from these and directly from the boat. When I was exhibiting through a lovely gallery in Wales – calledArt Matters –in Tenby, I was selling quite large paintings, and I would love to work "big" again sometime. I do dream of painting large murals again, say for a restaurant or public place, and would love to do this kind of commission..


I keep a record of everything I paint and draw. I believe many of my images and designs would lend themselves for use as book-covers, CDs, posters and advertising etc. This is a direction I am very interested in pursuing. I am always looking to diversify, working in a variety of styles which could be of use commercially..



If I'm interested in buying one of your paintings, how does it work? Is everything on this website for sale?


Anyone interested in buying a painting can contact me by email: Have a look at the Contacts Page and get in touch. I can organise to have a painting sent  to addresses worldwide. All the work on the page " Paintings for sale" are for sale individually. Also, any of the images – or parts of images – on the website are for sale to be used commercially, protected by copyright.

Sally Millican artist
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