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The mixed-media mistral

It is "Meltemi" time of year in the Aegean, a North East wind that blows for 2 or 3 days to three weeks in the summer, depending on the sea area. Even cargo ships sometimes have to hide from it until it drops.

We spent June exploring the west side of Evia, seeing places we had missed on the way up last year.

We sailed to Karavos, arriving in 30 knots of wind with lots of big gusts coming off the high mountains.

At the helm

Karavos is no longer the commercial harbour it once was, the derelict cement factory and power station are still there as witnesses. Although these are sites not really associated with Greece, I do find these landscapes fascinating. There is a slight irony here of the two very different types of energy production.

Large chimneys in the foreground and a much more ecological windmills in the distance. It was here we started to meet up with fellow cruisers and old friends - which was just wonderful as we hadn't seen some of them in years which was just wonderful. We stopped in Almyrapotamou, Neos Marmaris, The stunning Petali islands and Karistos, right at the bottom of Evia.

We stayed here for a few days before sailing to the island of Kea, in The Cyclades islands to sit out a spectacular thunderstorm. We were fine on anchor in the harbour in big squalls, but we've never seen so many boats vacate a town quay so fast.

Kea Island in the harbour at dusk

Before the next Meltemi arrived we had a lovely sail to the island of Poros, in the Peloponnes, where we met some more boaty friends. I spent some blissful hours with my painting buddy, Sue. Lots to paint around the old harbour.

I'm painting a lot more landscapes at the moment since the scenery is staggeringly beautiful, especially with the morning and evening highlights of the contours of the mountains.

Poros harbour

We made a land trip to the ancient site of Epidavros, with its amphitheatre and the Aesclepion, where in 300BC, or there abouts, the later deified healer.. Aesclepion, practiced medicine, using medicinal herbs, bathing, induced sleep, meditation and aromatherapy with a form of hypnotherapy to aid the body's own ability to heal.

Aesclepion at Old Epidavros


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